Cinelerra is the most powerful video editing software under Linux and this a short and effective guide to install and run this software

I’m a long term Cinelerra user (since 2003 and I’ve written different howtos (but More’s law applies to software so) I keep upgrading stuff. You may find some of my contribution in different projects (if they’re alive, I mean projects). Indeed I contribute in cinelerra common  manual project.

Given different versions around details to have this software installed at this best and features may vary: it’s the way this software developing works. If you simply needs stability and just to be able to edit, found your version and stay on it.

Here cinelerra-cv  packaging for different distros is available  I wouldn’t spend too much time having programme installed. Although you can download different packagings and sources, amongst all variants actually available I’ve chosen the so-called 5.1 because it is an attempt to join different version. It’s not well tested neither documented, but worthy to try as basic issues as import and export are properly handled.

Keep in mind you’re here to edit video, don’t play to be geek if you aim to be a video maker. Don’t trespass following line unless you want to build cinelerra from source.

To compile package, first of all check dependencies:

cd cinelerra-5.1/bld_scripts

$ sudo sh <os>

git clone git:// cinelerra5.1

$ sh

$ ./configure

( check configure options in README)

$ make

$ sudo Make install

Once programme is installed, open it and check preferences:




I assume footage from sd card avchd is used (using hdv or dv is outdated unless your trying to recover old material).




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