“Multimedia refers to content that uses a combination of different content forms…Multimedia includes a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video, or interactivity content forms.” (cit. wikipedia)

Some preliminary tips (you more likely not to understand at all why I’m bothering you with that) to face video stuff.

General Workstation configuration. Any computer, no matter its Operative System, needs to be configured to be used as a given purposes production machine. The configuring operation implies several tasks, depending on hardware and all components: best thing is to perform an online search with parameters like  “optimized your_model_computer your_operative_system workstation_use”.   In our case and based on our purposes, we should search something like ” video multimedia gnu_linux ” ,  screening results to find the one which best fullfil our needs and scrupulously follow instructions. Furthermore, when working in any specific field (on Gnu Linux system as in any other one) there are tools to best perform tasks, so discover and install them any way your distribution allows (for example using synaptic).

Used Video Format. Video format avchd will be considered as preferred in this manual, its resolution is 1920×1080 while so called hd web format is 1280×800. The first value used as input format and the second as output are the basic you possibly need to know to record footage and publish it online.

Most tools support natively avchd format while others not. kdenlive or openshot  can be easily used to transcode footage choosing  format according to your needs,  Ffmpeg can also be used as transcoder or simply to change format container:

ffmpeg -i your.MTS -vcodec copy -acodec copy

Although “simply” is an euphemism when using ffmpeg, due to its constantly changing version and commands. Hopefully the above step can be avoid and simply insert sd card and drag files into the timeline would make the trick.

Now jump on video Tools

(that’s ENglish versionLa versión ES la encontrarais aquí (si está…sino ya la pondre )


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